A Premiership title is within grasp

Continuity on the field, with a proven winner — a club winner, by the way — behind the wheel, may well equal something special in 2009-10.
A Premiership title is within grasp

A Premiership title is within grasp

Continuity on the field, with a proven winner — a club winner, by the way — behind the wheel, may well equal something special in 2009-10.
A Premiership title is within grasp

A Premiership title is within grasp

Continuity on the field, with a proven winner — a club winner, by the way — behind the wheel, may well equal something special in 2009-10.
A Premiership title is within grasp

A Premiership title is within grasp

Continuity on the field, with a proven winner — a club winner, by the way — behind the wheel, may well equal something special in 2009-10.
A Premiership title is within grasp

I'm Back!!

I'm Back.. With A New Look.. , ...
I'm Back

Breakdance . . .

Posted by Fikri Hassan Binabad

punye le lama tak update menatang ni, sampai lupe username blog haku ni... isk isk isk... manusia mudah lupa...

citer tentang lupa... mahathir pernah cakap dulu, Melayu mudah lupa... diorang lupa ke yang diorang tu asal dari indonesia?? haha... hape kate aku start balik blog ni dengan cite pasal Malaysia - indonesia? hurmm.. pada haku mende ni simple jek.. bak kata orang2 putih... "Don't argue with idiots. They'll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience."

susah berdebat dengan orang banyak pengalaman ni... abis dakwat printer diorang berdebat dalam "KOMPAS"... kering air liur presenter rancangan "SILET" cite pasal tarian yang haku pun tak pernah dengar seumur hidup aku... baik aku layan breakdance yang kononye menurut orang-orang zaman dahulu dicipta oleh sultan Perak sewaktu die menyanyikan lagu Terang Bulan... hahahahha... tak nak claim breakdance ke???

sempena bulan puasa ni... aku hambik sket nasihat imam ghazali pasal dengki...

....tidak ada gunanyalah menghabiskan waktu untuk membenci kenikmatan yang ada pada seseorang, padahal orang lain itu tidak menghendaki hilangnya kenikmatan yang ada pada dirinya. Dan dengki adalah jiwa yang jelek yang harus dibasmi...

orang yang dengki ni plak, biasanya sombong.... tentang sombong plak, ghazali cakap...

... dan buat mengobati kesombongan orang yang sedang berkuasa atau kuat maka orang itu harus memikirkan pada keadaan orang-orang dari Bani 'Ad yang telah punah...

ape ape pun... aku tak peduli pun batik tu dari mane... yang penting aku jual batik indonesia kat orang Malaysia... dapat duit oooo...

Selamat berpuasa untuk semua orang di dunia ini...

7 Ways to Annoy a Flight Attendant

Posted by Fikri Hassan Binabad

Our anonymous flight attendant has worked for a well-known commercial airline for 12 years. She dishes on what irritates her most in passenger behavior.

1. Bring your pet on the plane and then act like an animal.

Over the years, I've seen a pet on a passenger's lap, a pet tucked into a seatback pocket, and a pet loose in the aisle (I nearly hit one with my beverage cart). All of this is against federal regulations. People tell me how well-behaved their pet is, but they can't follow the rules themselves! Your pet must stay in its carrier while you're on the plane. Yes, even if you've paid a "pet-in-cabin" fee.

2. Shove your bag into the first bin you see and then walk to your seat in the back of the plane.

You think you're clever, I know. You expect to grab your bag on your way out of the plane, but you're selfishly inconveniencing others. I can't lie and say we flight attendants don't take some small satisfaction when we tell you, "We couldn't identify the bag's owner, so we sent it to cargo." It's a security issue, for real. Carry-ons need to stay near their owners! So don't look so shocked when we say, "The signs will direct you to baggage claim. You can pick up your bag there."

3. Think that because you're on an airplane you're off-duty as a parent.

Stop expecting us to have spare diapers, formula, medicine, toys, playing cards, or batteries for DVD players or Game Boys. It's an airplane, not a 7-11. Take your kid to the restroom before you board. Leave the dry cereal and Legos at home and bring snacks and toys for your kids that won't make a horrible mess.

4. Drag on an oversize bag that's too heavy for you to lift by yourself.

I won't be compensated for any injuries I might sustain if I heft your bag into the overhead compartment for you. (And other passengers shouldn't have to step up and take the risk either.) The guideline is simple: You pack it, you stack it. Try this at home as a test (and this is to you ladies, especially): After you've packed your bag, put on the shoes you plan to wear on the plane and see if you can lift your bag and place it on top of your refrigerator. You can't? Pay the fee and check the bag.

5. Gripe that you haven't been seated in a roomy exit-row seat.

The exit rows weren't created as a reward for people who are tall, overweight, or just plain nice. They were designed to help passengers get out of the plane in an emergency. The people seated in an exit row must be able to see and speak clearly, open the emergency door, and help others. I prefer to see uniformed military, firefighters, law-enforcement officers, or off-duty pilots and flight attendants sitting in those seats. While the gate agent may assign exit-row seats first, the flight attendant makes the final determination about who gets to sit in them. And the quality of our choices is one of the frequent concerns of Federal Aviation Administration officials when they audit airlines for safety practices. So please don't complain. I'm just doing my job.

6. Act like you don't know the meaning of the words "under the seat in front of you."

Someday I will be muttering "under the seat in front of you" in the old-age home for flight attendants. What is it that you don't understand? To be clear, items should not be stowed behind your calves, under your feet like a footstool, in the open seat next to you, or in your lap. It's under the seat in front of you. And it applies to everything you carry on board. Items stored carelessly can trip others, or dislodge during takeoff and get lost, or inconvenience others. And while I'm on the topic: Please don't wrap your purse (or umbrella strap) around your ankle to keep from forgetting it. What will happen in an emergency, when every second counts and there's no time to disentangle yourself from your precious bag? Will you drag it ball-and-chain-style down the aisle of a burning plane?

7. Whine about the high price of flying.

When I hear people complain about coach airfares, I know they're not keeping up with the news. Fares have rarely been cheaper. In recent years, it's not uncommon for you to be able to cross the continent for under $130 each way, with a maximum of one layover. It's a bargain! At that price, you're barely paying for the fuel to get your body there—never mind the cost of shipping your 50 pounds of gear. You're already on the gravy plane. People point to first class ticket holders and want to know why they don't get the same treatment. Wake up folks: You're getting a great deal. If you want even more, pay more!

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Crissy the cissy

Posted by Fikri Hassan Binabad

JOHN TERRY suka menangis???? Anda Pasti???? Jika anda tanya Fans Man U di seluruh dunia... pasti jawapannya YA!!

Kerana short-term memory Fans2 Man U mari kita ingatkan kembali mereka dengan Crissy the cissy...

oh... sebelum Terry ambik penalti... ada yang dah menangis dulu...

1 - Complete winker

NOT so much a Portugeezer as a Portugirlie!

Come on Cristiano, nobody needs to cry this much.

In our picture above, Crissy the cissy is being comforted by Portugal team-mate Tiago after defeat by Greece in the final of Euro 2004.

But it doesn't end there. As you will see from our pictures below, his face is no stranger to the moisturising effect of natural leakage from the eyes.

Here he is after scoring for Portugal during the same tournament:

Ronaldo gets emotional after scoring for Portugal during Euro 2004

The midfield misery was also down in the dumps after Manchester United lost a penalty shootout to Arsenal in the 2005 FA Cup final:

Ronaldo after Manchester United lost to Arsenal in the 2005 FA Cup final

Of course there was Portugal's defeat by France in the World Cup semi-final stage in 2006:

Ronaldo after Portugal are defeated by France in the semi-finals of the 2006 World Cup in Germany

And finally, worst of all, that horrendous night in Moscow last year when Manchester United faced Chelsea in the 2008 Champions League final and cruelly lost.... no, hang on a minute, United won didn't they?

You wouldn't think it after seeing Ronaldo's face, but Manchester United have just won the 2008 Champions League final

Jin Mata Buta

Posted by Fikri Hassan Binabad

" Cik Ramlee, huruf apakah huruf ini ? Dia atas tanah, ada ekor, dan ada satu mata di tengah tengah "

" Matanya ada satu saja ya cikgu ? Ada ekor ? Atas tanah ? Huruf mambang tanah ! "

" Mambang tanah !? Hahhahhahhahahha ..... "

" Yang ini bukan mambang tanah Cik Ramlee, ini huruf Jim ! "

" Jin ? Eh .. jin dengan mambang kan tak jauh "

" Jin dengan mambang !? Hahhahhahhahahha ..... "

" Dah ! Aaa .. Cik Ajis, huruf apakah huruf ini, huruf ini sama dengan huruf jim, tapi tak ada matanya saja. "

" Oooo .. dia tak ada mata ? Sama sama jin ? Ooo .. jin mata buta la cikgu. "

" Mata buta !? Hahhahhahhahahha ..... "

" Yang ini bukan jin mata buta Cik Ajis ... Yang ini huruf Ha ! Aa.. sekarang Cik Sudin pulak .. "

" Saya, cikgu "

" Aa.. kenal tak dengan huruf ini ? "

" Saya kenal cikgu "

" Huruf ini sama dengan huruf Jim, huruf Jim matanya di tengah-tengah tetapi huruf ini matanya di atas. "

" Aa.. Jim ini matanya di tengah-tengah, Jim ini mata di atas cikgu... Jin pakai tonceng ! "

" Tonceng?! Hahhahhahhahahha ..... "

" Pak Abu tu ketawa terlalu banyak sangat "

" Cikgu ... "

" Aa.. cepat, sekarang Pak Abu pulak. "

" Yang mana ? "

" Yang ini ... "

" Oh, ni saya kenal, saya tahu ni.. huruf ini kan huruf - M "

" Itulah jangan suka ketawakan orang. Yang ini bukan huruf M, yang ini huruf Kha ! "

" Huruf Khaaa ? "

" Hahhahhahhahahha .... Hahahahhahahaha ..... "


Posted by Fikri Hassan Binabad

Tanda-tanda anda menghadapi masalah MENTAL?

Pertama: Anda sentiasa menghadapi masalah untuk bangun tidur

Kedua: Tengkuk anda sentiasa merasa sakit dan susah untuk memusingkan kepala.

Ketiga: Rambut anda sentiasa kusut masai setelah mandi dan menggunakan syampu terbaik.

Keempat: Kepala anda sentiasa merasa pening dan seperti berada di awang-awangan.

Kelima: Berat badan anda terus meningkat dengan mendadak walau pun telah berusaha keras untuk mengurangkan berat.

Keenam: Anda sentiasa merasa letih yang amat sangat dan sentiasa mengeliat.

Ketujuh: Anda sentiasa merasa fikiran terlalu sempit.

Kelapan: Anda sentiasa merasa diri anda terlalu kecil dan selalu dipermainkan.

Kesembilan: Boss sentiasa marah dengan anda.

Kesepuluh: Anda sentiasa basah kuyup ketika keluar makan tengahari walaupun berpayung.

Kesebelas: Anda sentiasa dan selalu merasa penat yang amat sangat.

Keduabelas: Anda sentiasa merasa diri tersepit.

Ketigabelas: Anda sentiasa merasa ke hadiran tetamu asing.

Keempatbelas: Anda sentiasa merasa seperti hendak demam dan selsema serta kepala merasa panas.

Kelimabelas dan akhir:

Anda sentiasa merasa keseorangan dan merasa amat takut seperti ada seseorang berada di rumah anda.

Sekian Terima Kasih.


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Caffeine May Offer Some Skin Cancer Protection
It might one day be used as an ingredient in sunscreen, researchers say

Past studies have suggested that caffeine might offer some protection from skin cancer, and new research may explain why.

"We have found what we believe to be the mechanism by which caffeine is associated with decreased skin cancer," said lead researcher Dr. Paul Nghiem, an associate professor of dermatology at the University of Washington in Seattle.

For the study, Nghiem's team looked at caffeine's effect on human skin cells in a laboratory that had been exposed to ultraviolet radiation. They found that in cells damaged by UV rays, caffeine interrupted a protein called ATR-Chk1, causing the damaged cells to self-destruct.

"Caffeine has no effect on undamaged cells," Nghiem said.

ATR is essential to damaged cells that are growing rapidly, Nghiem said, and caffeine specifically targets damaged cells that can become cancerous. "Caffeine more than doubles the number of damaged cells that will die normally after a given dose of UV," he said.

"This is a biological mechanism that explains what we have been seeing for many years from the oral intake of caffeine," he added.

The findings were published online Feb. 26 in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology .

But, Nghiem added, people shouldn't increase the amount of coffee or tea they drink to prevent skin cancer. "You are talking a lot of cups for a lot of years for a relatively small effect," he said. "But if you like it, it's another reason to drink it."

Nghiem has also been experimenting with applying caffeine directly to the skin. "It suppresses skin cancer development by as much as 72 percent in mice, and human studies are moving ahead slowly," he said.

It's possible that topical caffeine preparations might one day be used to help prevent skin cancer, Nghiem said. "Caffeine is both a sunscreen and it deletes damaged cells," he said. "It may well make sense to put it into a sunscreen preparation."

Dr. Robin Ashinoff, a dermatologist and clinical associate professor of dermatology at New York University's Langone Medical Center, thinks these findings need to be verified before they can have any clinical application.

"This study tells me that caffeine may be a useful ingredient topically to remove ultraviolet-genetically damaged cells from reproducing," Ashinoff said. "This may help prevent the development of skin cancer."

"It is interesting that caffeine, which is thought to have a negative connotation, has already been shown to be associated with lower incidences of non-melanoma skin cancers in several epidemiological studies," she added.

Dr. Albert Lefkovits, a spokesman for the Skin Cancer Foundation and an associate clinical professor of dermatology at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City, doesn't think it's been proven that caffeine reduces the risk of skin cancer.

"While this is an interesting concept that has been explored before, it will take years of extensive testing to determine whether this will be a worthwhile prevention method," Lefkovits said.

"And, the study doesn't discuss how much caffeine would be needed for any real benefit," he said. "For instance, many people drink large amounts of caffeine on a daily basis and still get skin cancer. Protecting yourself from the sun is currently the only proven way to prevent skin cancer."


Posted by Fikri Hassan Binabad

"Sewel gua... Biol gua... Ting-tong gua... Terancat akal gua... Yang nak hentak lu sekarang ni pun gua"

"Aku Bukan Bohsia... Bukan Bohsia... Bukan Bohsia..."

dan anak kecil itu bertanya....

"mak, bohsia tu ape?"

"mana kau dengar perkataan tu?,"

"dalam tv... dalam radio pun ada.."

"ANAK BODOH!!! Tu kan 18 PL!!!"

"18 PL tu apa?"

Motivasikah aku?

Posted by Fikri Hassan Binabad

Bersama Dr. Fadilkah Carloskah

Assalamualaikum dan selamat pagi.

Hari ini adalah hari baru. Bangun pagi-pagi, lihat ke cermin. Katakan pada diri anda. "Aku boleh melakukannya". Jika anda berfikiran positif, segalanya dapat anda lakukan. Kekuatan otak mengontrol kekuatan otot. Jika otak kata kanan, otot akan ke kanan.

Hilangkan segala perasaan negatif. Penuhkan diri anda dengan energi-energi positif. Semalam yang negatif adalah sejarah. Semalam yang positif adalah pencapaian. Namun, hari ini anda yang tentukan.

Katakan sekali lagi... AKU BOLEH MELAKUKANNYA!!!

Apa guna penuh motivasi tapi otak kosong nak exam Genetika Klinik?


Posted by Fikri Hassan Binabad

Pep Guardiola has praised John Terry for his behaviour after last night's Champions League semi-final second leg.

The Barcelona coach saw his team progress to the Final after Andres Iniesta's 93rd minute winner, following a string of Chelsea penalty appeals that were turned down.

Chelseafc.com understands that despite the disappointment, the captain responded with grace, going into the Barcelona dressing room and shaking hands with each member of playing and coaching staff. It was an act of sportsmanship for which Barça applauded him out of the room, as Guardiola explained:

'I want to thank John Terry for coming into the dressing room and congratulating us,' said the Spaniard. 'He's a true gentleman.'

Terry, 28, was in superb form over both legs of the semi-final, making a number of vital interceptions, tackles and blocks over both games, as well as heading just wide early on at Stamford Bridge last night.

Guardiola was also complimentary towards the whole Chelsea side, and admitted we were unfortunate with refereeing decisions on the night.

'Essien scored a great goal. They are an outstanding team, very strong, they made it very difficult for us. But we always believed in ourselves and in the end we were rewarded also by being a little bit lucky,' he said.

The job for the Blues now is to regroup as we head to Arsenal for an important London derby on Sunday, as well as preparing for the FA Cup Final on May 30.


Posted by Fikri Hassan Binabad

Bersama Prof. Carlos - Membongkar lima mitos di sebalik OBESITI

Obesiti merupakan masalah kesihatan
Menurut definisi WHO, obesiti adalah pengumpulan lemak yang berlebihan atau abnormal di dalam tubuh, yang berisiko terhadap kesihatan. Ini bererti, jika pengumpulan lemak itu tidak berisiko terhadap kesihatan, ia bukanlah termasuk di dalam definisi obesiti, kerana tidak ada sesiapa pun yang dapat menentukan secara pasti sama ada orang itu akan mengalami penyakit ataupun tidak.

BMI dan Body fat percentage
Menurut Badan Kesihatan Dunia (WHO), anda termasuk dalam golongan obesiti jika anda mempunyai BMI lebih dari 25 atau mempunyai peratus lemak lebih dari 25% bagi perempuan dan lebih dari 33% bagi lelaki. Namun menurut Prof. Carlos yang juga merupakan Presiden Badan Obesitas Dunia (WOO), badan tersebut akan menyerahkan sebuah memorandum kepada WHO untuk menaikkan batas BMI bagi obesiti kepada 45 dan batas peratusan lemak kepada 55% bagi wanita dan 83% bagi lelaki. "Langkah ini pasti akan mengurangkan populasi obesiti di seluruh pelusuk dunia", katanya ketika ditemuramah oleh Men's Health.

Orang gemuk tidak merasa sejuk
Ramai orang mengatakan bahawa di dalam ruang yang sejuk, orang yang mempunyai banyak lemak akan merasa lebih panas daripada orang yang kurus. Namun pendapat ini disangkal oleh Prof. Carlos yang juga merupakan seorang pakar Kulit dan Kelamin. Menurutnya, reseptor sejuk (yang baru sahaja dijumpai pada tahun 2002) dan reseptor-reseptor lain berada pada lapisan dermis kulit. Sedangkan pengumpulan lemak terdapat di adipose yang terletak pada lapisan hypodermis. Jadi tidak mungkin orang obesiti tidak merasa sejuk seperti orang yang kurus. Malah mungkin orang yang kurus lebih cepat merasa panas berbanding orang yang gemuk kerana mempunyai kadar metabolisme yang lebih tinggi.

Orang gemuk lambat merasa lapar
Menurut Prof. Carlos, seperti paru-paru, perut juga mempunyai daya compliance dan recoil. Perut yang membesar akan menyebabkan kehilangan daya recoil seperti spring menurut Hukum Hook. Maka, perut yang besar akan merasakan lapar dengan kadar yang sama seperti perut yang bersaiz normal. Selain itu, tidak mungkin juga orang gemuk mempunyai simpanan makanan yang dapat digunakan sesuka hati ketika lapar seperti unta kerana lemak adalah simpanan emergency dan lapar biasa bukanlah keadaan emergency.

Orang gemuk mati lebih cepat
Ini adalah mitos yang sangat tidak benar. Menurut Prof. Carlos di dalam bukunya, Ilmu Mantik for Dummies, ramai orang yang menderita sakit kronik akan menjadi kurus kerana penyakitnya bertambah parah. Ini bererti, orang gemuk lebih lambat menjadi kurus dan sekaligus bermakna penyakitnya lebih lambat menjadi parah.

Obesiti menyebabkan penampilan kurang menarik
Selaras dengan perkembangan zaman, selera manusia akan sentiasa berubah-ubah. Pada tahun 60-an dan 70-an, berbadan kurus menjadi trend. Lihat sahaja filem-filem melayu pada waktu itu, ataupun band-band seperti Rolling Stone, Aerosmith, dan sebagainya. Namun pada tahun 80-an dan 90-an, berbadan sasa pula yang menggantikan. Ini disebabkan pengaruh Rambo, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Malik Noor, mahupun Awie yang berlakon dalam banyak filem-filem yang terkenal pada masa itu seperti Sembilu dan sebagainya. Namun pada abad ke 20 ini, berbadan gemuk menjadi trend oleh mereka yang dulunya berbadan sasa. Lihat saja Arnold Schwarzenegger pada masa ini. Malah Awie juga memilih untuk menaikkan berat badannya untuk berlakon dalam filem Sumolah bersama pelakon-pelakon berbadan besar lainnya seperti Afdlin Shauki, Harith Iskandar, dan sebagainya.

Thin people are beautiful, but fat people are adorable. – Jackie Gleason
Klik di Sini Untuk Cerita Tambahan

Hayya 'ala Solah

Posted by Fikri Hassan Binabad


A) Beliau tidak memahami erti tulisan di baju beliau
B) Beliau lupa yang beliau sedang memakai baju itu
C) Beliau memang tidak peduli, yang penting sembahyang
D) Gambar ini adalah contoh gambar superimposed
E) Sedang asyik beliau melepak, tiba-tiba bapa beliau datang dengan membawa kayu dan menyuruhnya sembahyang
F) Bukan salah satu di atas


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A truly shocking refereeing performance was the source of considerable Chelsea fury - with Didier Drogba going berserk - after Barcelona snatched a 1-1 draw with their only shot of the game in the 94th minute to reach the final of the Champions League . Chelsea should have progressed with comfort to spare. And ManYoo should be delighted with the result...

Tarik nafas dalam-dalam...
Pejamkan mata...
Tenangkan fikiran...
Fikirkan kata cacian, makian dan kata-kata kotor dalam semua bahasa...
Letakkan nama Tom Henning Ovrebo (nama referee Chelsea vs Barcelona tadi) setelah setiap kata-kata makian itu...
Empat kali claim penalty, satu pun tak dapat??
Referee is a f****** DISGRACE!!!!
Blue's still the colour...

Apa-apa pun, ada berita gua baru baca ni...

Champions League - Arsenal fan hangs himself

Eurosport - Wed, 06 May 15:38:00 2009

An Arsenal fan in football-mad Kenya hanged himself wearing his beloved team's shirt after their defeat to Manchester United in the Champions League.

Like elsewhere across Africa, Kenyans pack bars for Premier League and Champions League matches, especially those involving Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool.

Suleiman Omondi, 29, was found hanged at his home in a middle-class Nairobi estate shortly after leaving distraught from the pub where he had watched Arsenal lose 3-1 in their Champions League semi-final at the Emirates on Tuesday.

"He took some drinks and broke down in tears within the final minutes of the match," a fellow bar patron, who asked not to be named, told Reuters.

Police said they were called to Omondi's house on Wednesday morning. "What we are gathering is this suicide is related to the Arsenal and Manchester match," local Embakasi area police chief David Bunei said.

Bar attendants said they had to intervene after Omondi lunged at a man who suggested Arsenal would not recover from conceding two early goals. They also lost the first leg 1-0.

Brawls are common in Kenya during football matches and there have been other related suicides reported in the past.

Nasib baik gua bukan fan Arsenal...

Kame Hame Ha

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Buat pembenci komik, bukan gua yang cakap, tapi profesor-profesor yang cakap. Gua copy-paste jek.

Pembaca komik mampu bijak dan kreatif

AHLI akademik menyifatkan komik mampu membantu pembacanya berfikir dengan lebih bijak dan kreatif.

Pensyarah Pusat Pengajian Sains dan Kemasyarakatan Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Dr. Ahmad Atory Hussain berkata, komik mempunyai banyak kategori dan setiap satu mengandungi kebaikan selagi tidak memaparkan jalan cerita kurang bermoral atau aksi ganas.

"Saya sendiri kerap membeli komik bergambar termasuk berkaitan sejarah untuk pembacaan seorang anak saya yang mengalami masalah autisme iaitu lambat memahami sesuatu cerita atau maklumat.

"Dengan komik ini, anak saya lebih memahami jalan cerita yang dipaparkan dan mengetahui banyak sejarah penting negara," katanya ketika dihubungi Mega, baru-baru ini.

Beliau berkata, golongan pelajar pula boleh membaca komik yang menceritakan mengenai bidang pendidikan seperti Matematik dan Sains supaya lebih mendalami bidang itu.

Menurut Ahmad Atory, individu perlu memandang bahan bacaan itu secara positif dan menggalakkan diri serta keluarga membacanya kerana banyak komik yang dijual di negara ini memaparkan nilai murni dan mesej yang baik kepada pembaca.

"Penggemar komik membabitkan setiap peringkat usia masyarakat dan ia bukan sesuatu yang pelik kerana komik mampu menenangkan pemikiran.

"Ada pelajar genius juga amat gemar membaca komik kerana ia boleh membantu mengurangkan tekanan selepas penat mengulangkaji pelajaran terutama pada minggu peperiksaan," katanya.

Namun dalam soal ini, katanya, individu perlu tahu memilih jenis komik yang dapat mendedahkan mereka dengan ilmu yang baik.

Atory berkata, ibu bapa perlu memainkan peranan dengan memantau komik yang dibaca anak mereka dan membelikan komik yang bersesuaian dengan usianya supaya tidak terdedah dengan cerita tidak bermoral atau keganasan.

"Individu juga perlu membaca komik pada waktu terluang bagi mengelakkannya ketagih sehingga menjejaskan tanggungjawab lain," tambahnya.

Selain itu, jelasnya, bidang penghasilan komik perlu dikembangkan menjadi sebuah industri yang penting di negara ini.

Tambahnya, bidang itu yang terbukti mempunyai ribuan penggemar setia adalah satu cabang seni penting dan boleh digelar seni pembacaan."Ketika ini, penggiat dalam bidang komik termasuk kartunis adalah kurang dan negara perlu memikirkan cara untuk mencari pelapis berkebolehan," katanya.

Pakar Budaya yang juga Pengarah Institut Peradaban Melayu Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI), Prof. Abdullah Hassan pula berkata, pembaca komik ada dua kumpulan.

"Ada pembaca yang memilih komik yang dipenuhi perkataan manakala ada pula yang gemarkan komik yang banyak gambar bagi menerangkan jalan cerita di dalamnya.

"Jika ada yang anggap komik negatif, ia salah kerana sama ada positif atau negatif sesebuah bahan bacaan itu, ia bergantung kepada bentuk perkataan atau gambar yang dipaparkan, " kata beliau.

Komik, tambahnya, memudahkan pembaca memahami isi kandungannya kerana dijelaskan secara ringkas melalui tulisan dan gambar jadi tidak hairan sejak puluhan tahun lalu ramai cerdik pandai yang belajar serta menerangkan hasil teori atau ilmu mereka melalui komik.

Ketua II Gabungan Persatuan Penulis Nasional (Gapena), Prof. Datuk Dr. Abdul Latiff Bakar berkata, komik mampu menarik minat individu untuk membaca terutama di kalangan generasi muda.

"Pelbagai jenis komik yang mempunyai kandungan bermutu boleh diperoleh di pasaran dan ia akan membantu pemikiran seseorang dan memberi banyak pengetahuan kepada mereka.

"Lebih baik jika diwujudkan pula komik yang tidak menggunakan bahasa rojak tetapi mengandungi tatabahasa yang tepat," katanya.

Bagi memastikan golongan remaja tidak terdedah dengan paparan berunsur negatif seperti cerita lucah, komik jenis itu perlu dipantau supaya tidak dijual sewenangnya di pasaran.


The Biggest Loser

Posted by Fikri Hassan Binabad

1st scene


Gua mula menapak ke atas benda berwarna pink itu..
Kaki kanan...
Kaki kiri...
Tunggu dalam 5 saat...
Pandang ke bawah...
Jarum itu masih di nombor 2 digit...
Belum layak masuk biggest loser...

2nd scene

Fitness First (FF) : Dengan Bapak Fikri?
Gua : Ya, saya
FF : Saya ... (lupa nama dia) dari fitness first, saya dapat nomor telefon bapak dari teman bapak, Firdaus. Saya mau tanya, sekarang olahraga bapak apa ya?
Gua : Hurmm... Saya mengamalkan hidup santai... Jadi saya tidak berolahraga (dengan nada serius)
FF : Erkkk... (diam, dilanjutkan dengan ketawa).. Ya... hurmm.. Kadang-kadang bagus juga begitu. Bapak tidak berminat untuk ikut fitness first?
Gua : Nanti saya tanya Fidaus aja
FF : Kira-kira besok bapak bisa datang?
Gua : Ga.. Kan saya sudah bilang, nanti saya bicara dengan Firdaus
FF : Ok.. Terima kasih...

Sampai sekarang gua tidak diganggu oleh mereka dan gua tetap santai.




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Jin Mata Buta

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Dulu & Sekarang

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